April Showers, Bring May Flowers

by Melissa

While here in the littlest state April sometimes feels like December, with chilling goose bumps and a need for wool socks, however, the past few days I have been happily frolicking downtown with just a light jacket in hand and a flip flops gracing my feet. The warming weather and shining sun has gotten me more excited for summer than ever! The past few days have been spent doing summer activities that will soon become routine with the increasing temperatures.

IMG_2666Found an anchor on an evening stroll on the Cliff Walk


Although my top half was bundled up in a sweater, I spent the day reading on the beach, catching some rays.

IMG_2667The first ice cream of the season> Vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles (So simple yet still my favorite)

IMG_2665Daffodils springing up all over Newport, making the streets beautifully filled with color.

Summer is coming and I can not wait, what are you looking forward to most this summer?