by Melissa

IMG_2564 IMG_2562After traveling to Italy and eating fresh made pasta every so often everyday for four months, you don’t think you will ever eat pasta again. Well, as much as you have sworn off the carb invested food, a certain sun-dried tomato and pesto cream sauce recipe is found and must not be ignored. With this sauce pasta is need. This cues the boiling water and pasta, which after being cooked, tastes only slightly better then the cardboard box it came in.

But sometimes I just can’t say no, and when my Mom offered to make spaghetti and meatballs for me, I could not deny the offer of her homemade cooking! I could, however, improve my mother’s homemade tomato sauce and meatballs by making one more thing at home; the pasta.

We used a basic pasta recipe found online which included flour, eggs and a spoonful of olive oil. Although slightly time-consuming with the mixing, rolling and cutting, the finished product was 100% worth it. The fresh pasta had a great taste farrrrr from cardboard and made me miss Italy more than ever.

Also, with our homemade meal, we finally opened a bottle of red wine I brought home for my father from Italy. We had drank the wine the first night they arrived to visit me in Rome and my Dad, not a huge fan of wine, completely loved it.