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Month: March, 2013


My weekend looked like this:

IMG_2105 An early morning run

IMG_2400Followed by a breakfast date with Mom at Franklin Spa…Blueberry Stuffed French Toast! Yum!
IMG_2390Then, a much need manicure with a confused sparkly nail!
IMG_2360A night out with some good friends!
IMG_2403And lastly, a sushi date at Sakura in Providence.

Life doesn’t get much better! Now just 4 more days til Spring Break.


Calendar Days



Another month has come and gone. It’s funny how the older you get the days seems shorter and the weeks race by. I am happily waiting for the impending Spring, I am more then ready for the the trees to sprout with fresh leaves and ¬†the smell of budding flowers to fill the air. Everyday of March is one day closer to the summer sun and bronzed skin I crave with this chilling winter. ¬†Happy March!

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