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Month: January, 2013



As if Wildfox could get any better, it’s new 2013 campaign “We’re the Kids in America” is paying homage to in my opinion one of the best 90s movies of all time, Clueless. The California based brand depicts three models characterized after the movies three main characters Cher (Alicia Silverstone), Dionne (Stacey Dash) and Tai (Britney Murphy). The campaign is shot with some familiar settings: Cher’s oversized mansion (with a shiny new white jeep in the driveway), the high school tennis court and, shopping heaven, Rodeo Drive. The 90s haute-grunge California style immortalized in the 1995 movie is shown modernized with Wildfox’s unique twist.

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Cliff Walking

Traveling all over Europe has made me realize that I must enjoy every moment when you are somewhere new. But being back in good ‘ol Newport has made me realize you should be enjoying every moment even when your not in a new country every weekend. I had the morning off from work the other day and spent it walking the cliff walk with new eyes and new appreciation for what has literally been at my door steps for the past two year. Although being somewhere new and different is exciting, being somewhere you have been a million times can be just as eye opening.
25c7c99c5e6511e29caa22000a1f96f6_7e0820dd45e6411e2890322000a9e48f1_7Photos of my morning via my instagram, follow me—–>melissuuhhhhh

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