by Melissa

Howth is a quite village on the coast of Dublin which is breathtakingly beautiful. It is probably hard to compare to the gigantic Cliffs of Moher, but the Howth Summit gives you a glimpse of Ireland’s coast plus its 20 min train ride outside Dublin is an easy way to get away from the chaotic city center. We arrived in Howth in the early morning, the port was clam with barely anyone in sight. With the sun shining and the waves crashing you could say it looked like paradise, except maybe the wind and the freezing weather.  The hike around the summit gave incredible views of the sea, the stunning lighthouse and the tiny waterfront town. If ever in Ireland I would 100% a trip outside the major city. It is in the small towns that are rooted in culture and warm welcomes.

side note- best fish and chips ever. I’m drooling thinking about them, yum.