The Merchant of Venice

by Melissa

We have all read Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, or at least the sparknotes version of it, (so you can pretend to know what you’re talking about when the professor calls on you in class…). Well, this every book is the reason why, my friend, Abbie was extremely persistent to get to Venice. While Shakespeare did not quite convince me, Abbie’s determination got me on a train and I do have to admit it was more than worth it.

Abbie, Ashley and myself spent the day walking the streets and bridges near the Grand Canal, exploring San Marco Square and of course rowing through the ‘streets’ on a gondola ride with our ‘gondolier’ Micheal! Venice is comprised of 118 petite islands separated by cannels and linked by bridges and is unlike any other place I have ever been. Tiny ally ways, colorful architecture, amazing seafood, beautiful Venetian glassworks, intricate masquerade masks, boats as common as cars, and tourist as common as a mosquito in summer is all what makes Venice worth a visit.