by Melissa

You can’t argue that everyone hates Mondays. After the weekend no one enjoys returning to their daily routines and obligations. However, there is an upside to Mondays (I know you are all wondering where I am going with this…I have a point, I swear!) Well, the upside is being able to bragging about the absolutely incredible weekend you had. And when you study abroad your weekends are filled with train rides, bus trips, or flights to somewhere beyond amazing and definitely brag-worthy.

On that note, I am here to brag about my weekend. I, along with six other girls, endured a four hour train ride at 7 a.m. last Friday morning to get to Milan! Just one of the top fashion capitals of the big deal or anything. And to top it off it was Milan Fashion Week. Unfortunately other than seeing big white tents, models the size of giraffes and the occasional photo shoot we didn’t make it to any of the shows. The shopping in Milan was a fill of fashion enough for the even the biggest fashionista! Not to mention going to the first established Prada ever. Where, regretfully, I was unable to purchase the beautiful envelope wallet I am seriously lusting over (more to come on that, it is just the perfect wallet, that’s all).  Although shopping was the main concern when we left for Milan, we realized the shopping center is among the most gorgeous part of the city along with more history than you would ever care to know.

We were able to explore Piazza del Duomo. A piazza filled with Milan’s showpiece cathedral, the glass-domed Galleria Vittorio Emanual, the fortress of Sforza Castle and leads to Via Dante, Europe’s longest pedestrian-only boulevards.
Annie and I being tourisy in front of the Duomo.
The glass dome in the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel, where the first ever Prada store opened.
Piazza del Duomo from the top of the Cathedral.
Walking among the forest of spires.