Night Walk

by Melissa

I do love a good walk. Especially a good walk after a big dinner. Last night we found ourselves tucked away in a cozy side street at a tiny Italian restaurant. We ate like real Italians and a stroll through the piazzas following the wine, bread, pasta, chicken and panna cotta was a great way to rid the food babies we were all hording and avoid falling into a massive food coma. The cobble stone streets we found ourselves wondering were filled with vendors, gypsies and Italian families enjoying the perfect weather. I found myself distracted by the shiny jewels and pashminas with each step I took down the street, but, it wasn’t until I found a man sitting and carving jewelry I was actually intrigued to get a closer look, and I am glad I did.  For what we found was gorgeous bronze, artfully sketched and carved into the most amazing rings. I found myself drawn to the intricacy and turquoise boarder of the ring pictured above, while the other girls found different reasons for the love of the rings the man had already began sizing for their fingers. While the rings are great souvenirs, they are even greater works of arts with impeccable craftsmanship that you can rarely find.