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Month: September, 2012

Fall State of Mind

Summer is still in full force here in Rome, for me at least. The Italians, on the other hand, are immune to the 85 degree hot and humid weather in September. The leather of their new boots has already softened to form their feet and their fall wardrobes have already made their debut. As much as I hate letting summer go, for once in my live I am ready for fall and the Italian weather forecast is not keeping up. I am ready for chunky sweaters, studded flannels and a new pair of leather Italian boots. I have yet to find the perfect pair, but hoping this weekend, in Florence, I find my ‘glass slipper’.

Until I stumble upon the perfect pair, I will be left dreaming of the buttery leather boots that will grace my feet soon enough. In anticipation of discovering the ideal pair, I have been grazing the internet for some ideas of what I might want in said ideal boots. Here are some of my favorites I have found:
Lucky Brand ‘Ellena’ Boot (top left), Ash ‘Titan’ Boot (top right), Frye ‘Jenna Disc’ Short Boot (bottom left) and Jack Wills ‘Reffold Riding’ Boot (bottom right).

Ankle boot? Knee high? Thigh high??
High heeled? Flat?
Brown? Black? Tan? Navy?
What do you dream boots look like for this Autumn?



You can’t argue that everyone hates Mondays. After the weekend no one enjoys returning to their daily routines and obligations. However, there is an upside to Mondays (I know you are all wondering where I am going with this…I have a point, I swear!) Well, the upside is being able to bragging about the absolutely incredible weekend you had. And when you study abroad your weekends are filled with train rides, bus trips, or flights to somewhere beyond amazing and definitely brag-worthy.

On that note, I am here to brag about my weekend. I, along with six other girls, endured a four hour train ride at 7 a.m. last Friday morning to get to Milan! Just one of the top fashion capitals of the big deal or anything. And to top it off it was Milan Fashion Week. Unfortunately other than seeing big white tents, models the size of giraffes and the occasional photo shoot we didn’t make it to any of the shows. The shopping in Milan was a fill of fashion enough for the even the biggest fashionista! Not to mention going to the first established Prada ever. Where, regretfully, I was unable to purchase the beautiful envelope wallet I am seriously lusting over (more to come on that, it is just the perfect wallet, that’s all).  Although shopping was the main concern when we left for Milan, we realized the shopping center is among the most gorgeous part of the city along with more history than you would ever care to know.

We were able to explore Piazza del Duomo. A piazza filled with Milan’s showpiece cathedral, the glass-domed Galleria Vittorio Emanual, the fortress of Sforza Castle and leads to Via Dante, Europe’s longest pedestrian-only boulevards.
Annie and I being tourisy in front of the Duomo.
The glass dome in the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel, where the first ever Prada store opened.
Piazza del Duomo from the top of the Cathedral.
Walking among the forest of spires.

Night Walk

I do love a good walk. Especially a good walk after a big dinner. Last night we found ourselves tucked away in a cozy side street at a tiny Italian restaurant. We ate like real Italians and a stroll through the piazzas following the wine, bread, pasta, chicken and panna cotta was a great way to rid the food babies we were all hording and avoid falling into a massive food coma. The cobble stone streets we found ourselves wondering were filled with vendors, gypsies and Italian families enjoying the perfect weather. I found myself distracted by the shiny jewels and pashminas with each step I took down the street, but, it wasn’t until I found a man sitting and carving jewelry I was actually intrigued to get a closer look, and I am glad I did.  For what we found was gorgeous bronze, artfully sketched and carved into the most amazing rings. I found myself drawn to the intricacy and turquoise boarder of the ring pictured above, while the other girls found different reasons for the love of the rings the man had already began sizing for their fingers. While the rings are great souvenirs, they are even greater works of arts with impeccable craftsmanship that you can rarely find.


The fact that I am living in Rome has still not hit home. I am learning and loving the city more and more each day. While being here is beyond incredible by its self, I am more than lucky to be able to attend Vogue’s Fashion Night Out here in Rome tonight. Living a few hours away from New York  and farther from the other cities Vogue celebrates in, I was never fortunate to see the celebration of fashion on VFNO. With tonight that will all change, a few girl friends and I are getting all dolled up and making our way down to Piazza San Lorenzo to enjoy the music, art, cocktails and mostly the fashion.


I have been in Italy for just a little while and I have been observing the ‘bellezze italiane’ and taking notes on their classic yet spontaneous and casual style. I myself find myself drawn to their style and trying to emulate it in my own wardrobe (although hitting a few Italian boutiques wouldn’t help).


Walking through Rome is like walking through a museum. The sights, the smells, the architecture, the beauty. I am slowly but surely learning my way, meeting new friends, and embracing all the Italian culture I can. Pictured above is a few friends in front of the Colosseum. It still does not seem like real life, the massive building is breath-taking and the history that lays within its wall incredible.

Being here is like being in a dream. Nothing seems real. The buildings, statues and art you have learned about for years comes alive while walking down the street, and no pictures will ever capture the amazing atmosphere.

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