New Places

by Melissa

So, yesterday I may have had a little meltdown while skyping with my mom. For what exact reasons? I have no clue. Even if you are not in a foreign country, moving to a brand new city is hard, no matter what, then adding in over-tired, extremely exhausted, jet-lagged, stressed, and a few glasses of wine you get into meltdown mode. With this slightly induced cranky mood, I was able to make light of the situation. Getting lost, confused, and utterly baffled will help you learn something. Look on the bright side of things; always see the glass of wine as half full and not half empty.  Embrace the unknown for they can become your biggest adventures. I have only been in Rome for 3 days and realized if I am still getting lost, confused, and utterly baffled in a month I will have a major problem…but for now I say bring it on Rome! It has been my dream to travel and I will not let anything stand in my way! Do not be pushed by your problems but led by your dreams.