Roman Holiday

by Melissa

I knew I was obsessed with traveling the moment I stepped off the plane in Italy for the first time. I was on a school trip to Florance and it was my first time out of the country. Right then and there I new I had an addiction. I loved the culture, the history, the beauty, and the adventure of travel.  I loved to see how different people live in different countries; their traditions, rituals, and day to day life so completely different, yet so similar to our own lives. From then on, I dreamed of traveling, to anywhere and everywhere.

Although I am sad to say, my summer is officially over for me, I am more than over joyed to say I will be bordering a plane to Rome today to spend the next 4 months studying abroad.  And I will miss my family and friends immensely, but I am excited for my adventures in Rome to begin.

Don’t worry, you will be hearing about all these fun excursions I have right here on the good ‘ol blog of mine. I do have to warn you, you may become insanely jealous of all the beauty, art, history and culture I will be immersed in while in the Eternal City.

I can not wait for my plane to land in Rome and I can smell the wonderful Italian air and see the gorgeous Italian skyline. But for now, wish me safe travels and I will be filling you in every step of my journey through the historic city of love. Arrivederci!