To Rome, With Love

by Melissa

Of course any Woody Allen movie is worth going to see. To Rome With Love is genuinely funny, romantic, witty and slightly quirky. It has an amazing cast that make the stories of each character stand out but many reviews have said that the real star of the movie is Rome, the Eternal City itself, to which I would have to agree. Walking the streets of Rome is like walking through a museum, full of history and incredibly breath-taking and the shots in the movie defiantly give the city credit.

“So much of the action and activity in Rome takes place outside, in its cafés and streets,” says Woody Allen. “It’s an amazing city just to walk in. The city itself is a work of art.”

“I felt the city of Rome lent itself to a number of diverse tales,” he says. “It was pregnant with possibilities. If you stop a hundred Romans, they’ll tell you: ‘I’m from the city, I know it well and I could give you a million stories.'”