Treasure Hunt: Nantucket

by Melissa

Yes, you read that right. Treasure Hunt. While in Nantucket, the sun only made a small appearance, leaving Kirsten, Tegan and I a few days of shopping. However 3 girls can only shop so much (I know, who would have thought we could get tired of shopping?) So, while looking for something to do, we stopped into Jack Wills Nantucket to find some friends I had met while all the JW seasonnaires were in Newport. So, naturally we went in to see what to do on the rainy island, when you are completely over-shopped. What we left with was a Treasure hunt. The map included Lily Pond, a little hidden nature reserve, the best tacos on the island from Tacos Tacos, a secret candy shop (that I have to keep a secret), a ‘happy place’ and the picture-ques dock side. I must say this was a perfect day to end our vacation!

Take a look at our adventure:

The map that led the adventure, graciously made by Nantucket seasonnaire himself, Red Rainy. The map was hand-drawn on a book titled “They’re a Weird Mob”, he said it suited us. We agreed!

Our first find was the beautiful Lily Pond, which is hidden away slightly outside of town. The pond was over-grown with greenery and a rickety wooden trail ran through the pond leading us on a winding path.

Kirsten and I happily flocking through Lily Pond.

The next stop was a little harder to find. There was no indication of what this secret spot was we needed some help. Finally, we got some hints and we found ourselves walking down a grass path to a quite nature reserve area. It was a secluded, peaceful nook off a busy street with a tiny pond, with lily pads and frogs. While enjoying the seclusion, we decidedwe needed a photo. Thank you self timer (yes, we are that lame).

The next stop, lunch! This was a true treasure found on the map! Tacos Tacos is a small take-away restaurant, where you sit outside and enjoy.  I have officially had my first fish taco, and I can honestly say it will not be my last! So glad this was on our map!

Kirsten and Tegan enjoying their fish tacos and guacamole, yum!

After we refueled with food, we were off to find the next X on the map. We happily found “a happy place” which I mentioned here. A happy place to sit and enjoy the view, which I don’t think I could ever get tired of.

Our last X was the secret candy shop. The shop was filled with candy and chocolates from floor to ceiling. And, if the shop wasn’t cute enough already, it is run by little kids! This is definitely worth finding if ever on Nantucket, and I can’t tell you where it is, but, I do have a small hint. When in search, ask some of the local kids, they will be sure to point you in the right direction!

And finally, our prize for finding all the X’s…..Nantucket Party Pants!!!!
(thanks to our wonderful models, Kirsten and Tegan!)