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Month: August, 2012

New Places

So, yesterday I may have had a little meltdown while skyping with my mom. For what exact reasons? I have no clue. Even if you are not in a foreign country, moving to a brand new city is hard, no matter what, then adding in over-tired, extremely exhausted, jet-lagged, stressed, and a few glasses of wine you get into meltdown mode. With this slightly induced cranky mood, I was able to make light of the situation. Getting lost, confused, and utterly baffled will help you learn something. Look on the bright side of things; always see the glass of wine as half full and not half empty.  Embrace the unknown for they can become your biggest adventures. I have only been in Rome for 3 days and realized if I am still getting lost, confused, and utterly baffled in a month I will have a major problem…but for now I say bring it on Rome! It has been my dream to travel and I will not let anything stand in my way! Do not be pushed by your problems but led by your dreams.



There is a first time for everything. First plane ride outside the U.S.alone. First time living in a foreign country.  First time in Rome. First time seeing the Colosseum. First time on an adventure this big. First time to wake up every morning with a new adventure in front of you. Lately I am loving all the first I am having and am excited for them to continue.

Roman Holiday

I knew I was obsessed with traveling the moment I stepped off the plane in Italy for the first time. I was on a school trip to Florance and it was my first time out of the country. Right then and there I new I had an addiction. I loved the culture, the history, the beauty, and the adventure of travel.  I loved to see how different people live in different countries; their traditions, rituals, and day to day life so completely different, yet so similar to our own lives. From then on, I dreamed of traveling, to anywhere and everywhere.

Although I am sad to say, my summer is officially over for me, I am more than over joyed to say I will be bordering a plane to Rome today to spend the next 4 months studying abroad.  And I will miss my family and friends immensely, but I am excited for my adventures in Rome to begin.

Don’t worry, you will be hearing about all these fun excursions I have right here on the good ‘ol blog of mine. I do have to warn you, you may become insanely jealous of all the beauty, art, history and culture I will be immersed in while in the Eternal City.

I can not wait for my plane to land in Rome and I can smell the wonderful Italian air and see the gorgeous Italian skyline. But for now, wish me safe travels and I will be filling you in every step of my journey through the historic city of love. Arrivederci!


It’s one thing to love clothes and get dressed designers duds. But it is another thing to have style. Having style is to make your clothes speak for you, make you have confidence and being able to wear anything and put your own twist on a look that no one but you could pull off. The four girls above ooze style and I am obsessed with each of their looks. Whether it be Italian chic, relaxed preppy, a mix of bohemian and military or classic with a pop of color, these girls defiantly have some great styles.

pictures via pintrest

To Rome, With Love

Of course any Woody Allen movie is worth going to see. To Rome With Love is genuinely funny, romantic, witty and slightly quirky. It has an amazing cast that make the stories of each character stand out but many reviews have said that the real star of the movie is Rome, the Eternal City itself, to which I would have to agree. Walking the streets of Rome is like walking through a museum, full of history and incredibly breath-taking and the shots in the movie defiantly give the city credit.

“So much of the action and activity in Rome takes place outside, in its cafés and streets,” says Woody Allen. “It’s an amazing city just to walk in. The city itself is a work of art.”

“I felt the city of Rome lent itself to a number of diverse tales,” he says. “It was pregnant with possibilities. If you stop a hundred Romans, they’ll tell you: ‘I’m from the city, I know it well and I could give you a million stories.'”

Endless Summer

As much as I wish summer could go on forever, all good things must come to an end. Here are just some of my latest Instagram capturing the end of summer. 

1. The perfect beach day to work on a perfect tan.
2. Enjoying some Skinny Girl Margaritas. Yum!
3. The last trip to York Beach, ME this summer.
4. At my last day at Jack Wills I was surprised with a farewell cake (even if I will be back in December!)
5. A beautiful Newport summer sunset. It just can’t get anymore beautiful.
6. One of my last nights before leaving for Rome spent with Kirsten and Tegan. It couldn’t get much better, we spent most of the summer as the 3 musketeers!

As much as I hate to say good-bye to summer, I am beyond excited to say helllooooo to Roma!

Treasure Hunt: Nantucket

Yes, you read that right. Treasure Hunt. While in Nantucket, the sun only made a small appearance, leaving Kirsten, Tegan and I a few days of shopping. However 3 girls can only shop so much (I know, who would have thought we could get tired of shopping?) So, while looking for something to do, we stopped into Jack Wills Nantucket to find some friends I had met while all the JW seasonnaires were in Newport. So, naturally we went in to see what to do on the rainy island, when you are completely over-shopped. What we left with was a Treasure hunt. The map included Lily Pond, a little hidden nature reserve, the best tacos on the island from Tacos Tacos, a secret candy shop (that I have to keep a secret), a ‘happy place’ and the picture-ques dock side. I must say this was a perfect day to end our vacation!

Take a look at our adventure:

The map that led the adventure, graciously made by Nantucket seasonnaire himself, Red Rainy. The map was hand-drawn on a book titled “They’re a Weird Mob”, he said it suited us. We agreed!

Our first find was the beautiful Lily Pond, which is hidden away slightly outside of town. The pond was over-grown with greenery and a rickety wooden trail ran through the pond leading us on a winding path.

Kirsten and I happily flocking through Lily Pond.

The next stop was a little harder to find. There was no indication of what this secret spot was we needed some help. Finally, we got some hints and we found ourselves walking down a grass path to a quite nature reserve area. It was a secluded, peaceful nook off a busy street with a tiny pond, with lily pads and frogs. While enjoying the seclusion, we decidedwe needed a photo. Thank you self timer (yes, we are that lame).

The next stop, lunch! This was a true treasure found on the map! Tacos Tacos is a small take-away restaurant, where you sit outside and enjoy.  I have officially had my first fish taco, and I can honestly say it will not be my last! So glad this was on our map!

Kirsten and Tegan enjoying their fish tacos and guacamole, yum!

After we refueled with food, we were off to find the next X on the map. We happily found “a happy place” which I mentioned here. A happy place to sit and enjoy the view, which I don’t think I could ever get tired of.

Our last X was the secret candy shop. The shop was filled with candy and chocolates from floor to ceiling. And, if the shop wasn’t cute enough already, it is run by little kids! This is definitely worth finding if ever on Nantucket, and I can’t tell you where it is, but, I do have a small hint. When in search, ask some of the local kids, they will be sure to point you in the right direction!

And finally, our prize for finding all the X’s…..Nantucket Party Pants!!!!
(thanks to our wonderful models, Kirsten and Tegan!)


How absolutely incredible is this Chloé ‘Marcie Large’ leather tote? I know I completely gushed about the ‘Marcie Mini’ here. But this Marice is large and in charge and great for everyday and everywhere…anddddd……

…………….as of my birthday, it lives right on my shoulder, and it will never leave my sight! To say the least I am completely and utterly obessed with my new bag and could not have asked for a better birthday gift, (I obviously have the best cousin and aunt in the world!)


Nantucket definitely lived up to its expectations! The island is beyond beautiful, it is filled with cobble stone roads, little boutiques, and amazing restaurants. Although the sun only made an appearance for one day while we were there, the cloudy weather didn’t stop the busy tourists, it did however stop us from laying on the beach and getting a tan! Even with the clouds we had an amazing time, and I can’t wait til I can go back!

Early morning ferry ride, getting up at 3:30 in the morning to catch the 7:00 ferry maybe wasn’t one of the best ideas. But with our coffee, sunglasses and hats the morning was as good as 3:30 could get!

The streets are narrow and the house all shingled. the walk from our hotel to town was about 3 miles, but with the beautiful sights to see on the walk it didn’t seem to long.

Strolling around town, we walked everywhere while in Nantucket and careful when you wear wedges, the cobble stone road will get you if you don’t watch out!

Cup of New England Clam Chowder!

The view from the docks. a.k.a ‘the happy place’ (more on that in an up-coming post!)

A trip to Nantucket would not be complete without having some Nantucket Nectar’s. Half ice tea & half lemonade is my favorite!

Truck bed full of colorful flowers for sale.

Kirsten, Tegan and I enjoying the one sunny day on the island, and yes we all have ray-bans on and no we are not the same person, although our actions may say otherwise. They also made me realize it’s not where you are but you who are with that will determine if you have a good time!

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