Boston, MA

by Melissa

1.The beautiful South Station, conveniently almost directly across from the Italian Consulate 2. The T, which we may have gotten lost on (more than once….hey! it’s confusing! 3. Lunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury (What can I say, I just had to order the grilled cheese) 4. Me and my friend Hayley with our Jack Wills umbrellas once it started to down pour 5. The monsoon we got stuck walking in. 6. Bliss Restaurant in Attleboro, MA where we caught the train 7. Ice cream sundae to end a long day!

This past Wednesday, I hopped on the train to Boston to get my visa for Italy. (It finally hit me that I will be in a foreign country for four months on my own, nervously over-excited is how I would describe my current state) Never the less, while in Boston I took the opportunity to spend the rest of the day running about Newbury St and Copley Place. I always forget how much I love the city. I do have to travel back to Boston to pick up my visa next week, any suggestions on how I should spend my next day in Boston?