by Melissa

Avocado salad, various sushi rolls and a gift.

I am a firm believer in ‘what goes around comes around’ and that karma will catch up to you if you deserve it, sooner or later. the other night however, my cousin and I’s good karma paid off.

We were out for sushi at one of our favorite restaurants, Sakura, in downtown Providence on Wickenden St and we had barely slipped off our flip flops and taken our seats on the floor cushions around our miniature table, and began to discuss our busy schedules that had kept us apart, when a women from across the room  approached our table. She politely asked if we were interested in the extra bottle of wine (Sakura is BYOB)  that her and her friend had not opened.  With my cousin and I both slightly in shock from this gracious gift, we barely said yes before the bottle was sitting atop our table and we were mimicking  thank yous to the women. Needless to say we enjoyed the wine with our yam roll (if you havent tried this, you must) and shrimp tempura.

It is so funny that such a small gesture of kindness, has left my wondering about the world around me. Now a days people seems to be selfish and so self-oriented that such a small offering from a stranger has left me extremely thankful and hopeful.  My cousin and I don’t know where our good karma came from but we do know the women who offered the wine has defiantly got some good karma coming back to her sooner or later!