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Month: July, 2012

19 going on 20

(We may have celebrated over the weekend, ‘birthday girl’ crown included, but today is the day!)

Some people call it Christmas in July…I call it my BIRTHDAY!!!
Goodbye 19 and hellllloooooo 20!



I was lucky enough to spend Sunday in Newport, not at work and actually enjoying the beautiful beach town. Friends from university made the trip back to the place we call home for half the year to spend the day on the beach soaking up the sun and then out for a celebratory birthday dinner (only 1 day left til I turn 20 and leave my teenage years behind!!)

I could not have been any happier to see some of best friends, the only downside was the short period of time we got to spend together and that seeing them only makes me miss them more! Even if I am over-joyed to be spending a semester abroad in Italy, knowing I can’t just saunter down the hall or across the street to see my friends is a tad depressing. I know the only thing that will make me want to return from Italy are my friends and family.


  I found this great diy here, and decided to put my own little twist on it! Just a little reminder on my finger that what goes around comes around.

Boston, MA

1.The beautiful South Station, conveniently almost directly across from the Italian Consulate 2. The T, which we may have gotten lost on (more than once….hey! it’s confusing! 3. Lunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury (What can I say, I just had to order the grilled cheese) 4. Me and my friend Hayley with our Jack Wills umbrellas once it started to down pour 5. The monsoon we got stuck walking in. 6. Bliss Restaurant in Attleboro, MA where we caught the train 7. Ice cream sundae to end a long day!

This past Wednesday, I hopped on the train to Boston to get my visa for Italy. (It finally hit me that I will be in a foreign country for four months on my own, nervously over-excited is how I would describe my current state) Never the less, while in Boston I took the opportunity to spend the rest of the day running about Newbury St and Copley Place. I always forget how much I love the city. I do have to travel back to Boston to pick up my visa next week, any suggestions on how I should spend my next day in Boston?

Summer smoothie



The past few days, the heat has been practically unbearable, making every summer activity seem like to much movement unless the idea revolves around being in an air conditioned building. Today, to cool down from the heat I whipped (or blended!) up some smoothies for my Mom and I. It was so easy to make, I just grabbed some of my favorite fruits: strawberries and raspberries, orange juice, plain, fat-free yogurt and some ice and ta-da a healthy snack that will not only keep you cool but is healthy andddd completely delicious as well!

What do you do to stay cool in the summer?
Any special recipes you reserve for hot summer days?

Good morning!



Anyone for breakfast in bed? I sure am.

The thought of having breakfast in bed always reminds me of romantic movies and lazy Sunday mornings where having breakfast somewhere other than bed seems simply unbearable.

Waking up to breakfast makes starting your day a little easier. On that note, I am off to stat my busy day and first on my to do list: make a delicious breakfast worthy of my bed replacing my kitchen table!

Enjoy your Tuesday!



I have finally found the perfect little ring. Not only is it delicate and simple, I forget that it is even wrapped around my finger some days, which I love. After rummaging through a tray of hundreds of rings at the Bill and Bob’s jewelry shop in York Beach, ME, I spotted this little beauty in the perfect size!  It was obviously a perfect match and we had to tie the knot (haha get it?) and for only $12 how could i say no?


Avocado salad, various sushi rolls and a gift.

I am a firm believer in ‘what goes around comes around’ and that karma will catch up to you if you deserve it, sooner or later. the other night however, my cousin and I’s good karma paid off.

We were out for sushi at one of our favorite restaurants, Sakura, in downtown Providence on Wickenden St and we had barely slipped off our flip flops and taken our seats on the floor cushions around our miniature table, and began to discuss our busy schedules that had kept us apart, when a women from across the room  approached our table. She politely asked if we were interested in the extra bottle of wine (Sakura is BYOB)  that her and her friend had not opened.  With my cousin and I both slightly in shock from this gracious gift, we barely said yes before the bottle was sitting atop our table and we were mimicking  thank yous to the women. Needless to say we enjoyed the wine with our yam roll (if you havent tried this, you must) and shrimp tempura.

It is so funny that such a small gesture of kindness, has left my wondering about the world around me. Now a days people seems to be selfish and so self-oriented that such a small offering from a stranger has left me extremely thankful and hopeful.  My cousin and I don’t know where our good karma came from but we do know the women who offered the wine has defiantly got some good karma coming back to her sooner or later!

Pass it to me

How incredibly cute is this Jack Wills passport cover??
As soon as I saw the pink vintage inspired floral design I knew my passport would be well dressed on it’s trip to Rome.
Needless to say I didn’t have to think twice before making this purchase.

ME Time

Happy hour by the beach.

A few weeks back a few friends and I headed up north to one of the most relaxing places on earth, Maine (ME..get it… me time? Maine time? sorry, I think I’m funny) Anyways, I could not have asked for a better weekend; it included sleeping in late, laying in the sun, reading way to much 50 Shades of Grey, lots of girl talk, and too many cocktails. Needless to say I wish I could spend every weekend like that.

Breakfast (more like brunch) done right!

Beyond beautiful sunset downtown.

We couldn’t pass put an arcade photo booth!

Mid-day drinks? Don’t judge, we were on vacation!

And of course the amazing weather and gorgeous view!

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