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Month: March, 2012


Don’t ever forget to live with no regrets.



I can honestly say, I cannot wait to see this movie. When I first heard of the book turned movie and all the hype surrounding it I figured it was another Twilight type deal that I would not be able to stand. I was extremely mistaken. I started reading the first book out of the trilogy and could not put it down. (Literally my friends started making fun of me because I took the book everywhere and read whenever I had a spare moment.) The book is an easy read but keeps you wanting more and you need to know who dies and who survives.  I am now super excited to see the movie and buying the second book is at the top of my to-do list!

Chloé’s ‘Marcie Mini’

In honor of yesterday being the first day of spring, I thought it was my obligation to share with you these adorable Chloé’s ‘Marcie Mini’ shoulder bags. The blush pink and periwinkle-blue are the perfect pastel colors for spring. Wear it with a bright floral sun-dress or a sorbet-hued shorts to make the colors pop. I really  just can’t get enough of this petite bag. But then again I don’t expect anything less from the effortlessly chic Chloé.

Be There or Be Square

For quite some time now, my fingers have been bare. I seem to have forgotten about the small little trinkets that wrap around your fingers that add a little sparkle while typing, writing or waving to a friend. I was reminded of these baubles when I came across this gold ring from Sabrina Dehoff. The square band is modern and the three gold inserts ring forgoes the glitzy for a more subtle appeal. Simple yet unique. Need I say more? Hoping this little gold gem ends up on my finger one day.

JW Spring Break

Work hard and play harder. I do believe that is a Jack Wills’ motto and if it’s not it is certainly implied. Last Saturday I spent my night with other JW employees hosting the Jack Wills Spring Break party in the Newport store. We turned the store into full spring break mode, there were surfboards for decorations, a JW beer pong table and also an amazing tiki bar (fully stocked, I might add), which “lifeguards” (my two managers) served as bartenders; which was quite hilarious.  Not only did I get to spend the night drinking and partying with my friends, I got paid! I can say I absolutely love me job.

Karen’s Little Aliens

Karen Walker’s Eyewear is not only amazing but her campaigns are equally amazing. From brooms to vampires to her latest summer 2012 little aliens she can not go wrong. Love the creativity and inspiration behind each and every picture. I wonder who comes up with these sunny ideas?

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