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Month: January, 2012

Cruel Summer

Leave it to Wildfox Couture to get my pumped about summer when this morning the temperature was (the horrifying) 18 degrees. Even though winter is in full swing I can’t help but wait for the days of sunscreen soaked skin, warm sand under my toes and the salty sea waves in my hair. My personal favorites are the fun and some what quirky cat bathing suit and the young pale pink bow two piece. Counting down the days til summer is here and I can slip into one of these suits go for a swim.


Sweet Melissa

Not only have I been searching for amazing flat boots,but  the fact that these boots are named after me must be a sign! Frye’s ‘Melissa Button’ boots are beyond amazing, the beautiful leather and the vintage feel makes these boot a must have.  Boots are always a tough sell for me, I love the simple and classics looks and can rarely find boots that I would die for. However these boots, I would die for.

My Go To

For the past  few weeks this Jack Wills outfit has been my go to, when too tired or too lazy to find something to wear, this dress has come in handy. It is so simple to throw on and walk out the door. If you see me around in the next month, you will be sure to see this outfit at least once.

Where did it go?

Sorry for the rough new years start with no posts, I have been seriously lacking in inspiration lately for some reason. My favorite blogs and magazines are just as amazing as ever but are leaving me empty headed and bored. Where did all my inspiration go? I have no idea. But instead of taking this as a bad thing, I will turn it into an opportunity to spread my horizons and hopefully find some new and exciting things! I’m seeing a day trip to NYC? But while I’m out searching for some encouragement I have found an interest in pinterest! Here are some of my recent pins that are getting my inspiration back!

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