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Month: November, 2011

I’m thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving!



I must say, at first, I was quite skeptical of this new collar trend when I first read about it on BleachBlack, however after recently finding this number by Sonia Rykiel I think I have no choice but to jump on this bandwagon and go with it. The color, the style and the bow detail are just to perfect to pass up an will add a sweet feminine touch to just about anything.

Mystery Hugs

Ever need of some cheering up? Or maybe just need a hug? Well, with these Verameat detailed lady claw talons rings will be right with you wrapped around your finger giving you the love you need. Yes a little creepy, but adorable just the same!


With winter creeping up, everyone is willing to just about anything to stay warm. UGGs however are not the solution, there are so many other ways to stay warm with out having these UGGly boots on your feet. If you feel as if you are about to break down this video may help you.

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