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Month: September, 2011

Jackets, Coats and Blazers..OH MY!


Even if the weather is preventing me from exchanging my summer wardrobe for a new fall get up, I am still day-dreaming of all the jackets, coats and blazers that will be in the forefront of my closet soon. Whether you are going to class, a party, a football game, to dinner or a date there is something for you to keep you from getting the chills. Check out these amazing jackets, coast and blazers that I am seriously lusting for this season.

1. Milly-Guava Marzia Bow Jacket
2. Moschino- Mirror-embellished metallic tweed jacket

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim-Embellished leather biker jacket
2. Rag & Bone-Grosvenor Jacket

1.Rag & Bone- Varsity Jacket
2. See by Chloé-Wool-blend felt varsity-style jacket

1.Mugler-Padded Shoulder Jacket
2.Helmut Lang-Linen-blend blazer




Inside Out

Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés is a photographer born and raised in Madrid and now living in Barcelona. These photographs where taken in Kolmanskop, a town in the Namib desert in southern Namibia. This town was once a rich diamond mining village and home to a small town that flourished and then died. Richer diamond deposits were discovered further south, operations were moved, nature took its course and the desert sands reclaimed these spaces and Sánchez-Montañés was there to capture its beauty.

Jack Wills

Jack Wills, University Outfitters, Fabulously British.
I first walked into a Jack Wills store while in Bath, England and fell in love with the extremely preppy British clothing. Now instead of dreaming of this ‘fabulously British’ store I can go and shop there; seeing as a Jack Wills is in Newport, RI. I will be spending all my money their for a new fall preppy collegiate wardrobe for fall!
Wanna fall in love too? CLICK!

Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani bracelets.  These simple wire bangles are easily becoming a must have on your “party arm”. They are easy to take on and off and will go with anything. The two above are the start of my A&A collection, and as I opted for gold they also come in silver. Left, is the ‘Four Leaf Clover’ charm which is meant to bring me good luck, good fortune, and prosperity. Right is the ‘Path of Life’ charm which gives me strength, motivation and knowledge. Can’t decide what charm I want next, but seeing as there is a store in Newport and soon to be one in Providence, my party arm will sure be covered in Alex and Ani’s from wrist to elbow.
You don’t have one? Get one!

Love or Lothe?

I can’t decide weather I hate these looks or love them?
Little red riding hood? or SJP? Kiera Knightly did you grandmother make that out of her curtian swatches? Emma Stone, would you like some ketchup with your mustard dress? Miley, the dress is an improvement from your usual bo-ho style, but I see you’re hair still like the grudge?  Blake are you getting married? and Anne darling, I think you need contacts.


Instagram photos from the past few months, some from York Beach, Newport, Warran and a little Coldstone and Jager mixed in for some fun.

And, sorry I’ve been m.i.a. just started classes and cheerleading, I’m gunna be a busy bee, but I won’t forget about you dolls.

Happy Monday!

Everything but the Dress

“Clothing without accessories is like a party with no cake”.
Kurt Geiger is amazing. From shoes to jewels to wallets he has everything you need, well that is everything but the dress.

Shade Parade

Yes, Chanel will never let me down, their new nail polish ad is creative and will sure get your feet..and fingers..tapping. Get ready for your nails to shine like a star on Broadway!

To Die For…

So, maybe I have a slight obsession with shoes? But how could you not love these Topshop Velvet Bow Pumps? I think I may have fallen in love!

In love too? How could you not be?
Clicky 🙂


I’ve never been a huge fan of sandwiches, deli meat just never seemed appealing. Lately though, I have been obsessing over some sandwiches that are to die for, the first is the ‘Backyard Tomato Sandwich’ from When Pigs Fly Pizzeria in Kittery, Maine. (read more about this sandwich here!) One of the best sandwiches I think I have ever eaten. Next is a grilled cheese sandwich with a twist, I have always been obsessed with grilled cheese, but the ‘Red Stripe Grilled Cheese’ is ah-mazing, I can’t even describe it, the perfectly grilled thick bread, with melted cheese, slices of pear, prosciutto and basil seems to be an odd pairing but is undefinably fantastic. Then, lastly their is my homemade creation, slightly grilled french bread, with thick slices of mozzarella, tomatoes, a few basil leaves and a pinch of salt. Just thinking about these creations makes my mouth drool!

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