by Melissa

How could you not love these girls? The extremely talented, fashionable, and beautiful Mary-Kate and Ashley. Although the twins have been scarce from films and television but the two have defiantly not slowed down. The girls have attended NYU, wrote a book, Influence, and have taken huge strides in the fashion industry.  As young-teens the girls had a fashion line with Wal-mart, but now they not only started their own fashion line, The Row, in 2007 but they’re high-end clothing is being sold at Barney’s and other high-end retailers. Mary-Kate was also credited as a Fashion Icon by the New York Times for her signature bo-ho-homeless look. Now MK and Ashley have ventured into another fashion role, stylist, with their website where the girls design t-shirts and match their designs with buyers style profiles, give style recommendations and fashion insight. Is there anything these girls can’t do?!