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Month: July, 2011

Whitney EVE

I have always been slightly obsessed with Lauren Conrad ‘LC’ from The Hills but recently I have found myself loving Whitney Port (her BFF from teen vogue) just a little bit more. Here style is so chic and takes spins of classics and spices them up. I can’t wait for her spring collection to go up on her website.
All from the Whitney Eve Spring 2011 lookbook.


If you’re a bird, I’m a bird

Ruche’s 2011 Unending Love Lookbook reminds me of The Notebook.
Simple and elegant.
Like the looks? Wanna see more?

Cool and classic

This look is so effortlessly cool, classic and summery. I want it.
{{via here}}

It’s my party, I can cry if i want to.

{{birthday cheesecake from cheesecake factory on my birthday last year!}}
For some people today is Christmas in July, for me it’s my birthday!
Go buy yourself something special for my birthday.

Bag Lady

I’ve been day-dreaming about the a certain Louis Vuitton bag for quite sometime but can not justify spending close to $900 on a bag, but now coming across this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag at half the price I am seriously in love. A good bag is a great investment…and I think this is the bag to invest in!


Alexander McQueen. Need I say more? These pieces of jewelry make a bold statement by keeping a tough element while staying elegant and girly. Debating on buying a bracelet for an early birthday present for myself?

{{shop the McQueen collection here}}

Apron Envy

The thought of wearing an apron never really appealed to me, however after some late night baking last night with some girlfriends, I realized it might be a necessity. Let’s just say things got a tad messy and I wish I used some per-caution instead of being coated in eggs and flour! With this said I am on the hunt for the perfect apron…and I think I know just the place to look…….Anthropologie! Their aprons are adorable, yet sophisticated with a touch of a vintage flare!
{{Aprons all availiable here}}


How could you not love these girls? The extremely talented, fashionable, and beautiful Mary-Kate and Ashley. Although the twins have been scarce from films and television but the two have defiantly not slowed down. The girls have attended NYU, wrote a book, Influence, and have taken huge strides in the fashion industry.  As young-teens the girls had a fashion line with Wal-mart, but now they not only started their own fashion line, The Row, in 2007 but they’re high-end clothing is being sold at Barney’s and other high-end retailers. Mary-Kate was also credited as a Fashion Icon by the New York Times for her signature bo-ho-homeless look. Now MK and Ashley have ventured into another fashion role, stylist, with their website where the girls design t-shirts and match their designs with buyers style profiles, give style recommendations and fashion insight. Is there anything these girls can’t do?!

Hands Up Not Handouts

Tess Sager, a 20 year-old NYU student started Hands up not hand outs, a non-profit that aims to improve the lives of female artisans in developing nations by helping them produce and sell one-of-a-kind, hand-made woven bracelets and earrings. The organization is meant to give the women the skills to support their family and to not rely on anyone. Not only is the organization a great cause the hand-made jewelry is beautifully crafted and so cute! “Charity can cripple. We help women help themselves”  To get some of your own jewelry and learn more about the company vist

Party in the USA

Who doesn’t love a party? I am too excited for tomorrow’s celebration! I can not wait to get dressed up in all my red, white and blue stripes and stars! Here are some outfit inspiration that ooze the 4th of July spirit!

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