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Month: June, 2011

Wicked wicker

Pack up a basket, grab a blanket and find a sunny spot in the park. I can not remember the last time I went on a picnic, but this summer it is on the top of my to-do list.
Shoes via here
Purses via here
Sweaters via here and here


Words of Wisdom

This morning,I got my wisdom tooth out (yes tooth, I only had one, guess I wasn’t that wise), I thought it would be appropriate to post some words of wisdom.

Tan Lines

I love when summer comes and laying out on the beach reading magazines becomes a routine(although it has been raining a lot). I love soaking up the sun and getting a natural glow. Honestly, a tan makes everything better, I feel my best when my skin is bronzed and body radiating the sun itself. Why not bring that sun-kissed feeling to everything else and not just your skin by making your tan lines a palette for tan.
1. Madewell ‘the scholar satchel’ $148
2. Madewell light silk safari shirt $98
3. Madewell the crosswalk sandal $188
4. A.L.C. snakeskin-trimmed leather shorts $320


As of yesterday at 1:16 p.m. (to be exact) it is officially summer! For a little celebration I decided to bake a treat. When summer comes around I love the fresh berries and fruits that are in season, they are so refreshing and healthy. Trying to stay within a summer theme I thought fresh raspberries would be perfect to bake with, I found this recipe and went to work. These white chocolate cupcakes are decadent and fruity and a perfect summer time dessert.
( a surprise raspberry filling!)
What’s you favorite summer-time dessert?

Splendid Summer

Who doesn’t love grabbing their old favorite tee-shirt to throw on for an easy comfortable outfit, the worn-in, washed one to many times fabric is the softest and is effortlessly comfy. Now you don’t need to wait for the washing machine to do all the work,  the clothing company Splendid is devoted to bringing you the soft, indulgent fabric your skin craves. Not only will Splendid bring you your new favorite tee, it has cute dresses, shorts and more you will love!

1. Shadow mesh and cotton dress (On sale for $77!)
2. Cut-off denim shorts $78
3. Chunky-knit wool-blend cardigan $105
4. Striped cotton and silk-blend tank $78
5. Safari-style cotton shirt (on sale for $84!)
6. Nautical Sandal $98


You have always been there for me and supported everything I do, thank you for all your love and everything you do for me, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!


Ever since I stumbled upon the DIY and fashion blog Honestly…WTF I have been completely enamored, the ideas are creative and inspiring. I loved this simple Woven Chain Bracelet DIY, it brings structure and maturity to those beloved friendship bracelets that our young-at-heart personalities would still love to wear, but feel silly with a few strings breaded and knotted around our wrists. The site gives to step up step instructions to bring color and fun to hang around your wrist!
I used blue, (in two differnt shades), yellow and white embroidery floss, and a small chain link bracelet, ( I am still on the look out for a big chain-link bracelet!)

Prints Charming

This year instead falling into the rut of buying boring bathing suit, I am looking for prints and patterns that will stand out from the rest of the beach bums lying on the hot sandy beaches. I am looking for bold prints with vibrant colors! Here are some of my favs so far:

1. Barney’s Bantu SwimwearDar Bikini $138
2. Mara HoffmanAztec-print balconette bikini $220
3. ZimmermannLabyrinth ruffled bandeau bikini $215
4. Zimmermann Valentine printed underwired bikini $210
5. Mara Hoffman Embroidered balconette bikini $275
6. Volcom Time Lines One-Piece $85

Don’t wedge me out

Just because big chunky heels are in this season for summer lets not forget about the summer time go-to footwear: wedges! And although in the past my height has stood between me and some shoes I was drooling over, it will come to an end and I will be filling my closet with wedges. These three designers, Jeffrey Campbell, Steve Madden and Sam Edelman are never afraid to take a risk (Madden less than the others, but still known for some adventure). This type of shoe can be thrown on with a cute summer dress, skinny jeans and blazer or shorts and a tank for any time or place. And for summer I am putting my heels in the back of my closet to make room for tall platforms and sky-scraping wedges!

sunshine days and summer rays

Ever since I have abandoned the search for my Nordstrom $10 sunglasses that  have been missing for almost 2 weeks now (that I have worn for almost over a year) I have been scavenging for the perfect sunglasses.  Something fun, simple and classic at a cheap price (beacuse I tend to lose, break or misplace my shades). On this new hunt I have come across some bright colors to shield your eyes from the bright sun, although I am still hoping and praying my old trusty shades will turn up somewhere!

This Burberry ad was what initially turned me on to adventurous colors to cover my eyes.

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