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Month: May, 2011

The Meaning of Life


Small Town Hero

“The inspiration behind the Small Town Hero lookbook and video came from our fans and clients, whom you can find in every corner of the globe. With the influences of the internet, blogs,online shopping and web shopping, fashion has taken a truly global stance. This lookbook is our response to that phenomenon. Within the pages of this lookbook you can see the evidence of fashion in even the most remote and rural corners – like the background for this shoot.” -Jeffery Campbell
(Download the Lookbook here.)

pretty in pastel

(photos via here)

Celebrate good times, com’on!

To celebrate my sisters recent graduation from collage, I decided to make a special treat for the occasion! I found this tutorial to make fondant graduation caps and I could not resist making them.The cupcakes were as tasty as they looked and the celebration was well-deserved. Congratulations to my sister!


Sometimes simplicity is really all you need. (I would love this as a poster sized print, framed, hanging on my wall.)

Love Letter

Everything you could dream of fitting into an envelope? I think so with these Clare Vivier clutches!


H&M has always been on of my favorite stores in the mall. I loved searching through racks to find those special items that make your whole shopping trip worth it. However once finding that perfect skirt or dress you find that your size is the only one sold out. After asking the sales associate to look in the back and having no luck, the once ‘had to have’ item hits a dead end. You leave the store empty handed and disappointed. This however is no longer the case because…….(drum roll please)……..H&M is now online! Now that ‘had to have’ item you can order online as soon as you get home! I may be a little too excited for this but H&M has finally come into the 21st century and joined the online shopping craze!

Pale Peach

This Pale Peach Co-ordinating Linen Blazer is a spring time staple. I always find myself grabbing my black blazer during the day with know all too well that its dark color should only be worn at nigh. With this Topshop blazer’s pale color, my worries are over, this blazer can be worn day or night!

straberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorite treats. The individual desserts screams summer picnic to me with its fresh strawberries and light fluffy whipped cream. Not only are they tasty, they are easy to make and healthy! Next time your sweet tooth is calling try whipping up some shortcake, it is sure to become an all time favorite!

Pretty Pretty Princess

A tribute to my pretty pretty Princess, my beloved cat. Last night I received a phone call from my mother telling me that our cat, Princess, was not doing to well. Yes, we had Princess for 17 years and had been living with us for as long as I can remember and yes, she was getting old but her old age was always forgotten with her playful personality. Princess was the best cat anyone could ask for, she loved to snuggle if you were feeling sad and loved to leave presents (mice, birds, etc.) on our doorstep. After moving into my dorm room at school, Princess had claimed my room to be her very own, she would curl up on my bed, right where the sun shined in from the window and sleep for hours (and leave massive amounts of fur behind). Princess’ personality matched her name perfectly, she acted like and princess and was treated like one too! Princess will be forever missed and forever loved.RIP Princess

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