What’s inside?

by Melissa

What’s in the box? Well, a few weeks ago an Anthropologie store opened up not to far from where I live, which I was super excited about. The bad news is that I still have not found the time to go slightly out of my way to the new store, however, my cousin Kirsten has taken the new store by storm, making me extremely jealous every time she arrives home with the treasures she finds there.  So, you are still thinking, what is in the box? Lucky for me, while my cousin browsed through the racks and shelves at the Anthro store, she found a treasure for me, and taunted me with a picture of this box which concealed my gift! Last weekend I finally saw my cousin and I was finally able to revel the box’s contents, which did not disappointed!

:: Gifted Anthropology bracelet and Nordstrom sunglasses::