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Month: March, 2011

Coconut Shortbread

When I was little I refused to eat anything with coconut in it or on it. But the last few years I have come to LOVE coconut, whether is it almond joys, mounds, or my newest addiction coconut M&Ms ( if you haven’t tried these yet, get on it, they are amazing!). Anything sweet with coconut I have fallen in love with, so while flipping through an old cookbook, I found a recipe for shortbread with a layer of chocolate on top, I decided to add some coconut to the otherwise boring dessert to make a to-die for cookie.


Spring Wishes

I know it must seem that all of my posts lately have revolved around me wishing spring was here, and it is true I have suffered too long through this cold winter and can not await the warm breeze and budding flowers. Along with the warmer weather, I am wishing for several things that will rotate through my wardrobe all spring and summer. I am dying for a maxi dress that doesn’t looking motherly, and a pair of wedges that are not too high but still super cute. These two items have proven difficult to find but I am determined to do it!

1. Free People ‘Twist at Center’ Maxi Dress $207
2. Free People ‘Go Together Well’ Maxi Dress $248
3.Free People Sunny Wedge Sandal $118
4. Target Pilar Strappy Wedge Sandal $30


Anytime my eyes come across an Alice and Olivia garment I wish for spring to come faster. Alice and Olivia’s young, fresh, contemporary dresses are great for day time lunches or shopping sprees with your girlfriends. The bold prints, bright colors and fun shapes are perfect for spring. Although my budget can not afford the effortlessly amazing brand, I will surely be looking to Alice and Olivia for inspiration when shopping for my spring wardrobe.

1.A+O Maryann easy tank dress $297
2.A+O Joey peplum dress $368
3.A+O Madeline belted full skirt dress $550

Can you Handle Handler?

I may not be a huge book reader, but when it comes to Chelsea Handler’s books, I can’t stop reading until I have turned the last page. Her books are laugh out loud funny and are just as (if not more) entertaining than her show, Chelsea Lately on the E! network. Whether she is describing her one-night stands, her love for vodka, her outrageous family or her slight obsession with midgets, you will not want to put her books down.
Chelsea’s new book “Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me” is due out this May, and I could not be more excited about it!

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