Where is the Love?

by Melissa

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, has always seemed like a forced holiday for me; shouldn’t you show love for the ones you care about on a daily basis? However, as much as I believe the holiday is contrived, I will never turn down an excuse spread the love. Although, I do not have a special valentine this year, here are some little things that I am truly loving today!

1. My Michael Kors Watch, given to me by two friends for my high school graduation (I swear this watch very rarely leaves my wrist).
2. The Essie ‘peach daiquiri’ nail polish which is currently on my fingertips.
3. My recently purchased and still yet to be worn Belted Floral Dress from F21.
4. My newly re-heeled Frye Boots, that I will never fall out of love with!

Not only am I loving the little material things that brighten my day, I am loving all the company that surrounds me. My Mom, Dad, Sister, and my cousin Kirsten, just to name a few.
Hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day brings them something special!