The 10 Commandments

by Melissa

As far as religion goes, being baptized was as far as I got, so my decision to go to a Catholic college, maybe wasn’t the best idea. But, as I sat in my dorm room reading the bible’s ten commandments for my “seeking wisdom class”, I realized fashion needs a list of commandments to help the world be better dressed.

I. Thou shall wear clothes that fit and flatter your own body.
One the the biggest fashion faux pas is wearing ill-fitting clothes that make you look frumpy or skin-tight clothes that leave nothing for the imagination (aka. slutty).

II. Thou shalt EVER wear leggings as pants.
Leggings are not pants. enough said, just don’t do it.

III. Thou shall only wear pajamas while sleeping.
Goofy printed pajama pants, while yes are extremely comfortable, are made to sleep in, and sleep in only! You look like an idiot walking around anywhere in public in them.

IV. Thou shalt steal from your neighbor.
Of course everyone loves searching your best friends closet to borrow something fabulous for your big night out. However, as borrowing is acceptable, stealing is not. Your friend realizes her favorite top is missing, and knows you aren’t “forgetting” to give it back to her. Wear it, wash it and bring it back!

V. Thou shall never be boring.
Yes, jeans and a tee can be comfy and cute, but why not throw on some over sized earrings or a bright scarf to keep the attention on you and a little spice to your life. The better you dress, the better you feel about yourself, and the more confidence you have.

VI. Thou shall conceal panty lines, bra straps and any other undergarment.
Please stay classy, and keep the lingerie for the bedroom. No one wants to know what type of underwear you are wearing or what color your bra is.

VII. Thou shall have thy own style.
Don’t just be a copy cat, take trends and styles you love and make them your own by adding a twist. People will envy your creativeness.

VIII. Thou shall not be afraid of color and prints.
Adding bright colors and fun prints to your wardrobe is always great way to stay exciting. Just be careful to not mix too many colors and prints into one outfit.

IX. Thou shall dress for the occasion.
While wearing yoga pants to the supermarket or to run a few quick errands. Everyone must realize when there is a need to dress up. Work, dates and formal occasions should get some extra thought while getting dressed for, and when unsure of the appropriate attire, err on the side of over dressing, that way even if you are overdressed, you will turn heads and be the best dressed there.

X. Thou shall dress for thy self.
Getting dressed in the morning should be about making yourself feel good and confident and inspire your day to be great. The only person you should be trying to look good for is yourself, if you feel good about yourself, people will spot your style and confidence from miles away. Confidence is the #1 accessorize that everyone should wear all the time.