Never Ending Winter Wonderland

by Melissa

Every morning, as I uncover myself from my cozy mound of blankets, I slip on my slippers and look out the window. For me, the weather affects my mood greatly, the sun and warm weather is what I am also hoping for. However, as all New Englanders know, the weather here can be quite tricky at times. So, as I arise from my bed each morning, hoping to see the sun and blue skies, lately I have had the pleasure to see nothing but gray clouds, snow and ice. The snow melting and the skies clearing however does not look like it is in my near future, for whenever I turn on the weather I hear news of a snow storm. All this cold weather, and thinking this winter wonderland will never end, I decided I needed to add a few more winter items into my closet.

1. Steve Madden Tundraa Boots $149
2. Burberry Ear Muffs $100
3. Gap Marled Blazer $89.50
4. Topshop Cable Tassel Scarf $32
5. Juicy Couture ‘Mini’ Sequin Hand Warmers $45
6. DV by Dolce Vita ‘Pascal’ Bootie $89.95
7. Topshop Faux Fur Tapper Hat $44