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Month: November, 2010

You’re A Stud.

Completely dying over all these shoes, I want them on my feet!
I may have a slight obsession with shoes!

Sam Edelman Zoyla Stud Detail Wedge Ankle Boots

CASADEI Suede peep toe shoe

Alexander McQueen Studded Faithful Bootie


Thanksgiving Ready

Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite holidays. There are no gifts, no tricks or treats and no counting down to midnight. Unlike other holidays that have become embellished with material things, Thanksgiving is solely dedicated to family, friends and food. This holiday calls for eating way to much turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and apple pie, and spending time with your family and enjoying the quality time, laughing and talking over all the delicious food. To get in the Thanksgiving mood, apple pie was a must!

London, England

So, as you can see, London was amazing, the city lights, the historic building and the unexpected changes in the weather, kept me ready for anything! And, if my trip to Italy last December didn’t do it, last weeks stay in London has defiantly made me sick with the travel bug! I enjoyed seeing all the the tourist attractions like Big Ben, Piccadilly Square, Buckingham Palace and a ride on the London Eye, however, just walking down the streets of the city and going out to pubs every night made the city feel more homey. Overall, London was a major success!

My next trip?
I’m thinking Egypt this summer, to visit my friend? Still not sure if everything will work out, but Egypt would be amazing!

Tea and Crumpets

I leave for the mother-land of England in five days, and I am so incredibly excited, I can not put it into words. London has been on the top of my “Places to Travel” list for as long as I can remember, and I will soon be able to cross it off. However, as my excitement is unexplainable, I have barely even thought about my trip for more than a few seconds a day because I have been stressed with everything I have to do before my plane takes off.  I am just crossing my fingers that I get everything done and I can enjoy my tea and crumpets!

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