The World is Your Campus

by Melissa

Me, Jess and Alyse took a stroll on the pier before dinner one night.

As my third week as a college freshman at Salve Regina University comes to a quick finish, I started to reflect on my new beginning and what I have learned so far in my new adventure.  I discovered that you should take every opportunity presented to you, for these are the times you will become pleasantly surprised and have the most unexpected fun. I have learned to value privacy and spend some time alone. These are the peaceful moments that will help you distress and relax from all the hectic buzz around you. Lastly, I learned to never take anything for granted. For the past few weeks, I have been stumbling through the campus, almost completely oblivious to my surrounding. The beautiful mansions, graceful architecture, scenic views and home-town community which surrounds the university’s campus in Newport, RI is something that should not be missed. With this realization, I took one afternoon to enjoy the beauty.  Here are some shots I took from the ocean side’s ‘Cliff Walk'(which is literally footsteps away from my dorm), and around campus: