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Month: September, 2010

Tee for You

The simple yet classic white v-neck tee shirt will, in my opinion, never go out of style. The basic cotton is comfy to wear out anywhere, you can dress it up or dress it down, paired with jeans, a skirt  or a pair of heels, this necessity can be matched with everything and anything in your closet. Here are some of my favorite celebs showing off their tee’s.


Braided Beyond Belief

We all know and love The Hills star Lauren Conrad and her infamous braids. However, lately the braided hairstyle LC use to rock is slowly slipping out of her hair and on to the runway. Maybe all the drama on the show made Conrad let her hair loose and let the fashion designers catch the ends of the braid obsession, or maybe she’s moving on to a new style, who knows? But, either way the braids I used to love in my hair are now showing up all over my wardrobe!

Braided Knit Cardigan~Forever 21

Braided Cotton-Cashmere Cardigan~Neiman Marcus

Braided Bracelets~ David Yurman

Golden Goose Braided Biker Boot~Nieman Marcus

The World is Your Campus

Me, Jess and Alyse took a stroll on the pier before dinner one night.

As my third week as a college freshman at Salve Regina University comes to a quick finish, I started to reflect on my new beginning and what I have learned so far in my new adventure.  I discovered that you should take every opportunity presented to you, for these are the times you will become pleasantly surprised and have the most unexpected fun. I have learned to value privacy and spend some time alone. These are the peaceful moments that will help you distress and relax from all the hectic buzz around you. Lastly, I learned to never take anything for granted. For the past few weeks, I have been stumbling through the campus, almost completely oblivious to my surrounding. The beautiful mansions, graceful architecture, scenic views and home-town community which surrounds the university’s campus in Newport, RI is something that should not be missed. With this realization, I took one afternoon to enjoy the beauty.  Here are some shots I took from the ocean side’s ‘Cliff Walk'(which is literally footsteps away from my dorm), and around campus:

Shoshanna and Sand

{{Tomato Red Shoshanna Dress, Dokigeki Blazer, Steve Madden Heels}}

{{Cape Cod Bracelet, Vintage Black Clutch, Target Earrings}}

{{My Family}}

Tights and Tulips

The not yet Fall and soon to end Summer weather  lately as me confused on what I should be wearing the next few weeks. To help out I decided to brake out some tights and keep my tulip shaped summer skirts in the loop.  The summer skirts go great with tights boots and a light jacket. Here are some of my faves:

Pleated Tulip Skirt

Denim Woven Skirt

Falke Ribbed Tights

Rose Lace Tights

Opening Ceremony Ring-Laced Leather Wedge Booties

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Uniform' Cotton Jacket

Oh My Galosh

The sudden down pour of cool raindrops walking from my classes this morning had me wishing I was prepared for the droplets. With this I began thinking of my Hunter rain boots I had left behind at home and wanting to buy a new pair to go with a new rainy day outfit.

Kate Spade Raincoat

Hunter Tall Gloss Graphite Rainboot

Topshop Knot Tassel Scarf

Hayden-Harnett for Target Umbrella

Think About It

Luggage Away

So, for my trip to England, and my almost-less-than-one-day move in to college, I have found myself planning and packing away all my belongs preparing for my big move and exciting trip. But as I began to pack, I quickly noticed my plain, dull, and old luggage, and made me think. Here is some cute and convenient luggage that will make you want to travel the world!

Easy to pack and a cute decorative element you can use to brighten up your room.

Juicy Couture Stripe Laptop case

The Maddrid Bag - Topshop

Perfectly Polished

I always love treating myself to a fresh manicure and pedicure. The simple joy of taking a half hour out of my busy schedule to relax and rejuvenate my chipped nails and over-grown cuticles helps relive some stress.  The soothing atmosphere lets my mind wonder, as each of my nails gets clipped, filed and polished.  Yet, sooner than later you are anxiously waiting for your nails to dry, so you can get on with your day, but leaving your delicate hands are smooth from lotion and your finger tips are glowing with color.

This Fall, however, the colors seem to be getting less loud and more neutral. Browns, greys and greens are the colors you want to be spotted with on your fingers and toes this season.

Here are a few colors you might want to try out:

"Chocolate Cakes" Essie

"Particuliere" Chanel

"Body Language" Essie

"Pretty Edgy" Essie

“Pretty Edgy” is the color i opted for today.

"Jade Green" Chanel

Even whipping on a fresh color of paint to your nails before leaving in the morning can brighten your day.

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